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Happy Ratna Santosa (Prof.Ir.MSc.PhD.), Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember

Vice Editor
I G.N. Antaryama (Ir.PhD.), Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember

Associate Editors
A.A.A. Oka Saraswati (Ir.MT.), University of Udayana, (Architecture)
Bakti Setiawan (Ir.MA.PhD.), Gadjah Mada University, (Housing, Community Development & Land Issues)

Gagoek Hardiman (Dr.Ing.Ir.), University of Diponegoro, (Tropical Architecture)

Ross King (Prof.), University of Melbourne, Australia, (Urban Design)

Sangkertadi (Prof.Dr.Ir.DEA.), University of Sam Ratulangi, (Building Science)

Shuji Funo (Prof.), Kyoto University, Japan, (Architecture)

Steven V. Szokolay (PhD.), University of Queensland, Australia, (Sustainable Architecture)

Journal of ARCHITECTURE&ENVIRONMENT is a bi-yearly publication of the Department of Architecture, Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). It aims to communicate, disseminate and exchange information from studies in architecture and its interactions with environment. The journal explores the following areas:

  • Architectural theory, history, and design
  • Architectural science and technology
  • Urban architecture and design
  • Housing and settlement
  • Landscape architecture

Cover designed by I G.N. Antaryama

The name “Regol” means gate, where one starts to enter the realm of Architecture and Environment.


Notes for Contributors