A Tool for Community to Appraise Housing and Its Environment Condition, and to Decide City Development Priority


Andon Setyo Wibowo

Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia




An accurate data information of housing and its environment condition in city scale is a major issue to determine develompent indicator, strategy and target whether short, middle or long term of city development. Currently, basic data is available in each department of local government but the existing data content were rarely to use as basic feature to plan. It cannot describe specific condition of certain slums settlements in comprehensive aspect.

Community self-mapping (CSM) is a tool for community to appraise, arrange and decide priority of housing and environment development at their own neighbourhood unit level. A result of CSM at all RTs and RWs within city will be a current feature of city development in housing, environment, economic, social and culture aspects.

Five major aspects of housing and its environment to be covered in CSM tools are: physical housing condition, infrastructure, services, community vulnerable status, and social-economic supporting aspects.

The result will be a cell mapping comparison of potential and problems features at neighbourhood unit level, sub district level and city level.


Keywords: community, housing and environment appraisal